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Lakeholm Administration Building

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Institution Name: Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Original/Historic Place Name: Lakeholm Farm mansion
Location on Campus:
Date(s) of Construction and Designer(s):
1871original construction Unknown
Type of Place: Individual building
Style(s): (Glossary)
Foundation: stone
Walls: wood
Roof: originally slate; replaced with asphalt shingle
ca. 1966classrooms
ca. present (2007)other (registrar)
ca. present (2007)other (receptions and board meetings)
ca. present (2007)administration (offices of the president, academic dean, institutional advancement, alumni, communications, special events, administrative computing, church relations, and printing & mailing)

Landmark designation:
Narrative: see below
References: see below

Columbus Delano, Secretary of the Interior under Ulysses S. Grant, was the original owner of the residence that is now known as the Lakeholm Administration Building. It is on Delano's 405-acre farm that the college was built. His residence was the main house on the property. In 1966, the land officially became university property, with the mansion serving as offices, meeting rooms, and even classrooms in the early days of the institution. Today, Mount Vernon Nazarene University uses the building to house its administrative offices. University guests often admire the building's beauty, inside and out, and the university takes great pride in maintaining many of the original rooms and preserving the mansion as the historical gem that it is.

During the course of university ownership, many intriguing structural and other features have been revealed. In some offices, under layers of wallpaper that has been added later, writings from the 1800s can be found on the plaster walls. This feature was typical of builders and craftsman of this period, who often signed or left some mark in the construction process. In other areas, under the wallpaper, messages have been found from the early founders of the university, who expressed their hope and excitement for the new institution of Christian higher education.Early (and possibly original) pieces of wallpaper and paint colors have also been found. Perhaps most surprising is the beautifully painted can-can girl on the hardwood floor that was uncovered underneath the carpet in the space that is now used as the President's office.

In November 2004, Mount Vernon Nazarene University was proud to receive an Ohio Historical Marker from the Ohio Historical Society to commemorate the importance of this structure to the university and to the local community. It is placed along State Route 586 in front of the stone gates that flank the house.

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